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At the Renaissance Faire in Casa de Fruta with Mistress guiltylily, black-quadrant and i-hiraeth

Much to our amazement, Heith wasnt the only Doctor Who there…

It was fucking hot…Im surprised my face didnt melt off, thank the gods for cold mead & ale. The ale with raspberry mead was the best, and they make you chug a shit ton of it for free.

Pretty sure Mistress Lily got 3 ales for the price of one with her amazing alcohol chugging abilities. O.o

Mistress got me a new tail! :D



“According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs, and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate beings condemning them to spend their lives in search for their other halves.”

~Plato’s The Symposium.

How many times will I reblog this? “Always.”

We did it at school. The myth also says that the pairings could be male/female, male/male or female/female (just sayin’)

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#cleopatra with the nose knocked off. I wonder if people still think she was European like the movies betray…

I still think it’s one of the most desperate things whites have done to blacks and to black history. The disrespect is outrageous. They came to our country and mentally could not fathom how these black civilizations could be so great. They literally rode through our lands and shot the noses off of our statues. Why? So that the statues would no longer resemble the African people and they could LIE about the origins of Egypt and countless other civilizations. It was a widespread practice. It’s why statues of Pharaoh’s and their wives have no noses. It’s why the Sphinx has no nose. When I was in middle and high school, we were taught that the noses had fell off due to time and poor craftsmanship! They have literally tried to teach us that our ancestors were shitty builders of noses just to hide their malicious destruction of our heritage. European fears of African peoples had to come from somewhere. I want to know what part of the history is missing. There’s something that they don’t want to be told.

The shade is real

i was taught that the noses fell off as well and actually continued to believe this. in retrospect this makes no sense, considering greek/roman statues pretty much always have intact noses whereas egyptian ones are always conveniently missing theirs. thank you for pointing this out to me, i hadn’t even made that connection until now.

I was taught in middle school that the Turks shot the nose off the Sphinx when fighting against the army of Mohammad Ali.

Also, ya’ll realize this statue was from the sunken city of Heracleion, which, due to natural disaster, sank into the Mediterranean sometime during 6-7th Century CE, after reaching the height of its economic importance between 6-4th Centuries BCE, and many of the artifacts discovered were from the Hellinistic Age of Egyptian Histroy in the 1st century BCE, under the Ptolimaic dynsasty. You know, before the Colonial Era? In fact, the natural disaster which allowed the ocean to claim the city occurred during the Islamic Golden Age, so if anyone would have knocked off the nose it would have been an Arab or Turk.

If you got to the website of the French archaeologist who finally found Heracleion, you’ll see that its mostly the bronze statues which still have their noses and fine details, while the statues made of stone (such as granite), are not only missing noses, but also details like headdresses, and much of their fine detail, either due to damage from the destruction of the city or from the natural forces of water erosion (since they’ve spent nearly two thousand years below the sea

Like I know history has a lot of whitewashing but really guys pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase check your facts before posting this shit.  


Seriously, guys. Yeah there has been plenty of white washing in lower grade textbooks, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned from Grad School it’s that you don’t actually know anything about history. The best we have is an ever changing consensus of scholarly opinions that is becoming (hopefully) less and less politically motivated with time. I’m more willing to believe a person who has made it their life’s work than some punk on the internet with a bone to pick.


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